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Raving Reviews

  • Katie Catlin.jpg

    “Sheri lays out useful information in a clear manner, making it simple to relate to, and easy to implement in your own life. Her Clarity on your money management and time to change your business from “Crisis to Fortune” challenge workshop has a lot of practical, useful info to help get us whipped into shape being good stewards of what we’ve been given, time and money!”

  • Linda wilson.jpg

    “Yes, I would definitely recommend Sheri Berger Coaching to help you improve and find balance with your business and life because she is professional and personable. I attended her workshop called “Crisis to Fortune”.
    My three memorable key points are: 

    1. Let go of limiting beliefs. 

    2. Focus on my why to change my money mindset.

    3. Cultivate daily gratitude and affirmations. Much Success!”

  • brenda picture.jpg

    Sheri shares from her heart and digs deep to help you realize what your goals are and then works with you to develop a path to make it happen!!

  • Lynn Schieve.jpg

    “Sheri pours her heart  into everything she does ~ and her wisdom. She has so many great ideas about keeping your finances on track, and mostly about mindset and how we can think of the future. I loved her workshop and I would highly recommend spending time with her anyway you can to glean from her WISDOM ”

Steps to Success

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  • Define where you want to go
  • Make a plan
  • Take action with support and accountability

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