Here to There Consulting will take an expert eye on your business, help you uncover opportunities for growth, establish more efficient ways to retool your business plan for
ongoing success.

Your Evaluation Session

Let’s get

Step 1) Understand your “Here"

Step 2) Identify your “There”

Step 3) Determine the Speed of Travel to reach your Destination Goal

Step 4) Breakdown the trip into Manageable Increments of Accomplishment

Step 5) Set SMART Goals (SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant Timeframe. Meaning: We set attainable goals with specific steps and address the issues within a date/time parameter. To keep us moving from Here to There!

Getting Focused

Know what
actions will
give you the 
most impact

1) Mindset

2) Find and Establish Resources

3) Create Individualized Roadmaps from Here To There

4) Actions with Results

5) Financial Gain and Success

Practicing the Process

Daily action gets you results!

1) Learn about Your Business – Establishing You're Here To There

2) Understand Roadblocks – What Keeps you up at night?

3) Think Outside the Box – Brainstorming Sessions

4) Create an Achievable Plan – Including Sales Cycles: Preparing for the Ups and Downs

5) Implementation of Plan – Set SMART Goals with TImeline

6) Guidance Provided Accountability - Comparing actual accomplishments to Smart Plan

7) Re-Align and Adjust Accordingly – Revisiting Business Plan and Updating

8) Financial Services – Business Health Checks throughout the process

9) Celebrate Every Successful Milestone – Embracing the Self-Care Perks

10) Develop Habits for a Balanced Life – ENJOY !!